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Being competitive athletes themselves, the coaching team at Dynamic Body Labs understand the ins and outs of comp life.  Our highly skilled and experienced team will cover every aspect of your prep, for a stress free and enjoyable experience.  Our S&C Coach and Sports Dietitians work as a team to create your unique and individualised training and nutrition programs for every stage of your prep to best maximise your strength, power, and muscle mass and fat loss. We utilise the latest evidence-based science to provide you with the best plan for your genetics, lifestyle and goals.


We work with male and female competitors from all federations and divisions including:

  • Bikini & Swimsuit Model athletes
  • Sports & Fitness Model athletes
  • Figure athletes
  • Physique athletes
  • Bodybuilding athletes


Our comp prep packages include:

  • weekly nutrition consultations (30 min)
  • individualised and highly structured nutrition plans including periodised nutrient target breakdowns at each meal
  • weekly nutrition plan modifications
  • weekly skin fold assessments
  • individualised and periodised training program delivered via Trainerize (6 week training phase blocks)
  • 6-weekly training program modifications
  • unlimited nutrition coaching support and contact with your coaching team
  • peak week nutrition and training protocols
  • highly structured contest day nutrition and exercise protocols
  • contest day support and coaching team attendance (subject to location and availability)
  • contest day team DBL singlet
  • posing advice and guidance
  • general advice such as federations and divisions suitable to you physique.


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The only way to achieve the best physique of your life is through consistency, accountability and specificity.  As it's such a big part of our life, we like our athletes to participate in the sport year after year, so we need you fit, happy and healthy in order to do so.  We like our clients to see incredible results, so when joining the contest prep athlete team, we insist as a non-negotiable:

  • weekly 30 min nutrition consult (face-to-face or video chat) with our sports dietitians
  • 6-weekly online training programs delivered via Trainerize
  • minimum 6 weeks of attending consultations post competition (initial reverse dieting phase)

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