We offer a range of corporate and group challenges to suit your business needs from nutrition only to training and nutrition packages. Inquire today.

menu planning &

FOOD safety

Looking to plan your new menu or redesign your old menu? Our sports dietitians are skilled in areas of menu planning. Menu planning services can be tailored to your business needs and can include advice on food safety standards and compliance legislation, improving the nutritional quality of meals, improving value-for-money without compromising your products great quality or taste.

guest speaking &


Hire our sports dietitians or S&C coach to speak at your gym, business or university. Topics can range from general nutrition, performance-based sports nutrition, sports supplements, body composition, increasing muscle, decreasing fat, improving metabolism, maximising health, understanding genetics, mindsets and motivation for success, cooking demonstrations, and strength and conditioning topics and demonstrations.  Our seminars are individually designed to accommodate you and your business needs.

Tutoring &


If you're in the health and fitness industry, why not up-skill your nutrition programming techniques, improve your nutrition knowledge and get great performance and body composition result with your clients.  Our sports dietitians provides group or individual tutoring sessions that are tailored exactly to your level of education, preferences and knowledge.

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