Our sports dietitians works with you to devise a unique, holistic and individualised nutrition plan tailored to your preferences, goals, health and lifestyle to help you reach your genetic potential. Consultations include a dietary and lifestyle assessment, verbal advice and a written nutrition package that includes your individualised meal plan, macro breakdowns, recipes, food lists, planning tools, and goal setting tools and tasks. Your sports dietitian doesn't just provide nutrition advice though, they provide you with the motivation, accountability, direction, support and expert advice at every step of the way to help you stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you.


Review consultations are to provide you with both expert advice as well as accountability, direction and support so that you reach your goals and genetic potential. The best way to reach your goals and genetic potential is through consistency and accountability.  You don't just go to the gym once and become fit, so why would you see a nutrition coach once and expect to reach your nutrition, physique and/or health goals?


We guarantee you'll get results with our expert advice and packages, so consultations are part of a nutrition coaching package, or as a one-off under special considerations. Consultations can be delivered face-to-face in our Greenslope office, or online via video chat or over the phone.


 Initial consultation - 60 minutes

 1st review consultation (meal plan delivery) - 60 minutes

Review consultations - 30 minutes

**Rebates available for private health insurance**

skin fold


Measuring body composition effectively is a crucial component of measuring success in any nutrition plan.  For most people, they're looking to improve body composition, not just change weight so at Dynamic Body Labs, we measure you with the right tools and methods.


Skin fold assessment - 30 minute

**Rebates for private health insurance**



Want to optimise your performance and/or body composition?  No matter what sport you participate in, we can help.  Our expert sports dietitians specialise is aesthetic sports including bodybuilding, weight category sports including powerlifting,  crossfit, weight lifting, MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, judo, wrestling, rowing, and performance-based team sports.


Want to have the best physique you've ever seen on stage?  Our S&C coach (pro bodybuilder) and Sports Dietitians create unique and  individualised training and nutrition programs for every stage of your prep to best maximise your strength, power, and muscle mass, and speed up fat loss.  Together, our team utilises the latest evidence-based science to provide you with the best plan possible.


Sick of feeling tired and sluggish all the time?  Or maybe you've hit a weight loss plateau?  Your metabolism may not be functioning at its genetic potential. Through extensive research and practice, our sports dietitian has a unique, evidence-based approach to improving and repairing slow or damaged metabolisms.


If you experience bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and/or reflux then your digestion might not be working at its potential.  Poor digestion can often lead to you feeling tired and sluggish all the time.  Our sports dietitian uses proven techniques such as food elimination, supplements to best maximise your digestion and get you back to feeling awesome again.


Whether you're embarking on a new weight-loss journey or trying to shred those last few stubborn kilos, we can help you get your desired weight, body shape or body composition.  Our expert sports dietitian can help guide and support you with your nutrition and lifestyle, to create new and lasting healthy habits or break barriers that are interfering with you reaching your goals.


What is commonly deemed as healthy for one person may not be so healthy for another.   Our dietitian has a background in genetics, and understands how your individual genes affects digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients; mood, personality, hormones, energy, sleep, stress, muscle development, fat loss, metabolism and more!



Which protein supplement should I take? Pre-workout? Intra-workout? Post-workout? Will this supplement help me put on muscle? Shred fat?  Improve performance? Is it safe for use?  Does it contain banned substances? There are many considerations when it comes to supplements. Let our sports dietitian take the guesswork out of which supplement is going to best help you achieve your goals.


If you have an eating disorder, disordered eating or just a poor relationship with food, our sports dietitian can help to normalise eating behaviours through improving metabolism, counselling and support.  Our sports dietitian works closely with many athletes and non-athletes to help normalise their eating behaviours so they can achieve their performance, body composition and health goals.


Autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Grave's disease, type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus can be debilitating conditions that affect many aspects of life.  Having lived with an autoimmune condition for many years has inspired our sports dietitian Hayley, to develop effective evidence-based nutrition protocols to help you (and her) get back to good health and wellbeing.

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