Nutrition consultations are delivered either face-to-face in our Greenslopes office or online via video chat if you're not a local.  All nutrition consultations are eligible for private health insurance rebates.


  • Initial nutrition consultation (60 minutes) - $170
  • 1st review nutrition consultation (60 minutes) - $170
  • Review nutrition consultations (30 minutes) - $100
  • Skin fold testing (20 minutes) - $50

strength & conditioning


  • Initial 6-week individualised training program - $200
  • Renewal 6-week individualised training program - $150
  • One-on-one personal training:
    • 45 min - $60
    • 60 min - $75
    • 90 min - $100

contest prep

We help our clients achieve the best physique of their life resulting from a bucket load of hard work, dedication and adherence to a nutrition and training program individualised specifically for them throughout each phase of prep.  As such, we will not risk our reputation by taking on any contest prep clients who aren't 100% dedicated to achieving greatness.  To undergo a contest prep with team DBL, we require our athletes to attend weekly consultations from the beginning of prep.  We closely monitor your health, performance and body composition throughout every stage of your prep to ensure proactive nutrition and training changes are be made, not reactive changes that can damage your health and performance.


Not Brisbane-based? Not a problem! We provide comp prep to many athletes all over the country through video and phone consultations.

Contest Prep Package inclusions:

  • Weekly review nutrition & mindset consultations (30 minutes)
  • Personalised & periodised meal plan with structured macro targets  (no cookie cutter plans!)
  • Weekly meal plan & target modifications
  • Unlimited nutrition coaching support and contact with your coaching team
  • Individualised & periodised training program (6 week training phase blocks)
  • Training program modifications
  • Weekly skin fold assessments (if Brisbane-based)

per week*


all inclusive

*$340 upfront


Because we love giving, we often run promotions around hard times of the year. Click the link to see what we have on special today.

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