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Create change from the inside out.


When your employees are performing well, your business is performing well. We work with your unique organisation to establish a workplace culture fo­cused on positive health and behavioural outcomes through providing a comprehensive nutrition and exercise wellness program.

Our program is focused on a taking a proactive holistic approach to improving health and wellness by encouraging healthy behaviours, improving nutritional intake and increasing strength and fitness to counteract the ill effects of modern living, such as long hours at a desk, bad posture, repetitive movements and poor nutritional intake.

Our 12-week group program is open to organisations with employees of more than 20 people and can be tailored for either onsite or offsite fitness facilities.

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Organisational Outcomes

more productive workforce

reduced absenteeism

increased morale and attitude

reduces work-related injuries

increased employee engagement and loyalty

reduces compensation and disability-related costs

Program Inclusions and Options:

  • Healthy lifestyle program focused on bridging the gap towards positive behavioural change by providing simple solutions and education on improving the 5 pillars to a healthy lifestyle: mindset, relationships, sleep, movement and nutrition.

  • Exercise pre-screening where we identify those at a higher risk of an adverse event during physical activity/exercise.

  • Nutrition pre-screening where we gather information about an individual's health status and nutritional behaviours

  • Pre- and post-program effectiveness survey so your organisation can observe and compare the change in participants health and behavioural measures

  • Meal plans with delicious easy-to-make meal options suited to any preferences including those wanting to improve health, lifestyle, energy levels or even achieve weight loss!

  • 12-week strength & conditioning program with added guidance on improving mobility and flexibility and increasing strength and fitness. Suitable for women and men who may have never done weight training before, this program will ensure participants achieve amazing benefits whilst toning the arms, legs and stomach. The program is divided into 4 x 60 minute sessions and is delivered via mobile app Trainerize, complete with exercise videos, designated rep, sets, built-in timer for rest periods and more

  • 12-week pilates program with a focus on core strength and stability to improve posture and reduce back pain. Suitable as an at home workout or for those who don't have access to a gym. The program is divided into 4 x 45 minute sessions suitable to home-based workouts and is delivered via mobile app Trainerize, complete with exercise videos.

12 week program


plus $150 per person

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