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The Benefits of Seeing a Dietitian-Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Team

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to work with a dietitian-nutritionist/personal trainer, this post is for you. Here are seven benefits of seeing a dedicated team of dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer:


They Can Help You Set Realistic Goals

When it comes to health and nutrition changes, we often have grandiose plans that are impossible to stick to in the long run. We tell ourselves we’re going to “eat clean” or “exercise every day” and we think that’s all it takes. But then, life happens. We get busy, stressed, and before we know it, we’re back to our old ways.


Our dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer team can help you set realistic goals that fit your lifestyle. We’ll work with you to find changes that you can actually stick to for the long haul.


They Can Help You Understand Your Body

There’s a lot of information out there about health and nutrition. But, unfortunately, a lot of it is conflicting. One article says one thing, while another says the complete opposite. It can be confusing and overwhelming to try to make sense of it all on your own.


Our dietitian-nutritionist can help you understand your metabolism, your unique genetics, how your body performs, and how it will respond to different foods so that you can perform your best. A personal trainer can also help you figure out which exercise patterns best suit your biomechanics and what you’ll need to do to make progress on your fitness journey and keep injury free.


They Can Help You Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food 

Whilst food is nourishment for the body, it’s also nourishment for the mind. Food helps us share, build, and experience emotions, social connections and memories. Food brings comfort, happiness and safety with it, but also helps us mediate sadness, stress, worry and fear. For these reasons, it’s the most important relationship in your life.


Do you find you eat well throughout the week and then fall off the band wagon on the weekend? Or perhaps you make good food choices throughout the day, then just can’t stop snacking at night. We can help you figure out why and provide practical and effective strategies so you can still maintain a balanced life and achieve your goals. Once we identify what’s driving your food behaviours, we can help you make the necessary changes to see effective results.


Our dietitian-nutritionist can help you take a closer look at your eating habits, what’s driving them and how they positively and negatively affect your health goals. We can help you identify the unhealthy eating patterns that might be sabotaging your efforts and give you effective strategies to work through these, while encouraging those healthy eating habits that you’re already doing so that your nutrition program fits seamlessly into your life. We don’t reinvent the wheel, we make the wheel, we just realign it.


They Can Help You Develop a Healthy Relationship with Exercise 

Exercise and conditioning are good for the body, but they can also cause it harm if done improperly. Some people jump out of their comfort zone too quickly, while others begin to excessively exercise as a crutch or a replacement for an addiction. In either case, this can end up resulting in serious injury, or developing aversions that are harmful for your fitness journey.


By working with our personal trainer, we will acclimate you to exercise carefully and safely to help you discover and expand your body’s range of motion, strength and fitness. We show you the proper form for different exercises and stretches, and suggest new options that work better for your level of fitness, limb lengths and biomechanics so you can move confidently and safely towards your health and fitness goals. 


They Can Hold You Accountable and Motivated

When we’re trying to make changes on our own, it’s easy to let ourselves off the hook. We tell ourselves we’ll start tomorrow or that one slip-up isn’t a big deal. But those little slips can quickly turn into major setbacks.


Our dietitian-nutritionist/personal trainer team can help you stay accountable and on track. We’ll check in with you regularly to see how you’re doing and offer support when you need it to keep motivated and on track with your goals.


They Can Help You Save Time and Money

When we’re trying to make health and nutrition changes on our own, we often waste a lot of time and money. We buy the latest weight loss or muscle growth supplements, diet books or gadgets, only to find that they don’t work or we can’t stick to them.


Our dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer team can help you save time and money by providing you with expert advice on what actually works for you and your lifestyle. We can also provide guidance on which products and services are worth investing in and which ones are a waste of money.


If you are interested in seeing a personal trainer in Queensland, contact us at Dynamic Body We are dedicated to helping you feel better, look better and perform better. Through evidence-based knowledge, expert advice, motivation, support and guidance, Dynamic Body Labs will help you live your best life, reach your full potential and achieve your health and body composition goals.

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